Landing Page

Modern companies can not neglect the opportunities that the online space offers for business development. Today, advancement on the Internet is as necessary as having your own office for negotiating and organizing the team’s work process. One of the most effective tools in this area is the development of a landing page.


What it is

By this term is meant an autonomous page in the web space on which the user gets after clicking on the advertisement or from the results of the search issue. If the standard site has a multipurpose character, then the so-called landing page for solving one task (gathering contacts, recording a conference, webinar, selling a particular product, etc.).

Why do you need this

The landing page is essentially a springboard for business. It allows you to improve the conversion, to focus the attention of potential customers on a particular product or service. Promote high efficiency landing page following features.

  • Maximum correspondence of the title of the text of the advertisement. As a rule, carrying out a narrow profile request and seeing the relevant offer in the results of the SERP, users get to the main page, where the company and its activities are outlined in general, and the needed section should be searched again. In the Landing everything is different. When using this resource, advertising on the Internet completely coincides with the main page of the page.
  • High concentration of attention. The ideal landing page has one specific goal. It is subject to all elements of the structure, including the button calls to action. On a regular website, there are many factors that distract and diffuse the attention of users, which reduces the level of conversion.

Because of these properties, this kind of resources is able to achieve the highest attention at minimal cost. The cost of Landing Page is fully justified by the possibilities offered by this tool.

Prospects for business

Developing a Landing Page helps you achieve the following business goals.

  • Sale of specific items, services.
  • Attracting attention to a new product or product line.
  • Distribution of media materials (increase in the number of downloads of books, videos, audio files).
  • Collection of contacts, email addresses.
  • Invitation to participate in events.
  • Increase the number of subscribers.

This Internet marketing tool will suit all companies without exception, who have set themselves one of the goals presented. At the same time, the specificity of the activity and the age of the enterprise does not matter. If you wish to promote a specific offer, then you need to develop a Landing Page.



A vivid example of the application of landing pages can serve as well-known automobile brands. So, for the sale of a specific car model, often such tools are used, telling about all its features, characteristics and advantages, redirecting to the dealer or distributor’s website.

So, Toyota created a one-page card dedicated to Camry. It is made in the style of the famous board Pinterest and talks about the development of the model, its key parameters.

Stages of development

Creating a landing page is a multi-level process that requires careful preparation. Our digital agency performs the following steps during the project implementation.

Analysis of competitors

Based on the study of similar companies, we can create better solutions that will bring maximum benefit to your business


It is necessary for the client to be able to assess how the future lending will look and work. At this stage, the structure, location of the interactive buttons and many other details are discussed.

Design development

Our digital agency creates a unique layout from scratch, drawing attention to the industry and the terms of reference.


Implement code. After all the details are agreed, we proceed to implement them in the working version.


Before moving to the server, the work of each element of the lending is checked, the correct display on various devices. For some projects, a focus group is going to evaluate the usability of the created product. Split testing allows you to get the most quality and effective product.


The final part of the work is a moving to the server. We will give all the materials needed to work with Landing Page, we will conduct training. If desired, our web studio can take on the work on the further promotion of the project.

Proceeding from the specifics of the project, an appropriate programming language, CMS (the engine on which landing will work), a framework is selected on an individual basis. We have a large number of available tools and technologies for creating a single page. Experts of the company with an equal level of quality work on each of the available options.

Reasons to order from us

To our clients we offer an optimum ratio of cost, quality and efficiency of realization of projects of various complexity. Our digital agency exists on the market of web development for many years. During this time, we managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner and a diligent contractor. Numerous examples of works posted on our website will help you assess the level of professionalism of our team.


An additional advantage is the individual approach to each project and the development of solutions in strict accordance with the market situation and business specifics. Leave an application for the creation of a Landing Page now to get the most detailed consultation and accurate calculation of the cost of the work.

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