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What it is

With contextual advertising, you can quickly and easily attract new customers from the Internet.

choosing the right type of ad campaign and optimizing it professionally to maximize your return on investment is The key to success.

We will take care of this comprehensively for you!

What SEO & SEM will give you?​

contextual advertising in general – ATTRIBUTE OF A SUCCESSFUL COMPANY

— Company Recognition

— Customer retention

— Feedback

— Increasing the level of confidence

— Effective advertising of a new product or service


Contextual advertising Google Ads are paid online ads. Google Ads allows you to place advertisements both on the Google search engine and on various websites that are owned by the Google Advertising Network. A user sees ads in search results when they google products or services that you offer.
If the text of the advertisements “catches” the user, he follows the link and goes straight to your resource. The more visitors, the higher your organic ranking is. The more effective the advertisements, the easier it is to get website visitors for free later.
So, for TWOFOLD we provide an SEM. Аs the most efficient and fastest way to reach potential customers. We managed to reduce the cost per click and increase the number of hits.

Reasons to order from us

We offer our clients an optimum ratio of cost, quality and efficiency in the process of realization various complexity projects.

Our digital agency has been doing web development for many years.

During this time, we managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner and a diligent contractor.

Numerous examples of our work are available for you to examine on our website, they will help you assess the level of professionalism of our team.

An additional advantage is the individual approach to each project and the development of solutions in strict accordance with the market situation and business specifics.

If you are reading this, by now you understand the advantages of a SEO and SEM.

Let’s talk and get you started with you’r brands Search Engine Optimisation.