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What it is

Before we even pick up a pencil to design the product, we want get to know the users of our clients.

What makes them nervous and most important what will make them contact you.

After that, the planning stage, and the end a design concept.
This entire cycle is necessary to minimize errors and major fixes in the future with the SEO.

Why do your business need it

Great design is actually about having a website creation process that aligns with an overarching strategy.

  • Goal identification
  • Scope definition
  • Sitemap and wireframe creation
  • Content creation
  • Visual elements
  • Testing

From the kickoff meeting to the first design review, there’s a ton going on, and the team & client should be on top of it all.
After we gather all the information, we start planning the project according to user’s needs by creating a simple and intuitive interface.

The moment wireframes are done – the fun begins. With the site architecture and some content in place, we can start working on the visual brand.

Once everything’s working beautifully, it’s time to plan and execute your site launch!


The user interface should be beautiful, meet modern standards, and still remain user-friendly. And the last point is especially important, because UI design includes not only the creation of beautiful icons. These icons should immediately give the client to understand what function they perform, and other parts of the interface should have a clear hierarchy, etc.
The UX design process begins with researching potential users. The product is created for a specific target audience, so a UX designer starts with an analysis.
It is the responsibility of the UX designer to find out what tasks the clients assign to the resource and how they use the offered products. This creates an approximate plan of the interface and visual solutions related specifically to user actions.
You need to study how site visitors or application users operate. What links do they open, how are they used to finding the right materials, how quickly they find this or that information, and what behavior is expected from a program or web resource.
This builds a basic abstract product structure based on customer preferences and habits.


Analysis of competitors

Based on the study of similar companies, we can create better solutions that will bring maximum benefit to your business


It is necessary for the client to be able to assess how the future business website will look and work. At this stage, the structure, location of the interactive buttons and many other details are discussed.


Our digital agency creates a unique layout from scratch, drawing attention to the industry and the terms of reference.

Reasons to order from us

We offer our clients an optimum ratio of cost, quality and efficiency in the process of realization various complexity projects.

Our digital agency has been doing web development for many years.

During this time, we managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner and a diligent contractor.

Numerous examples of our work are available for you to examine on our website, they will help you assess the level of professionalism of our team.

An additional advantage is the individual approach to each project and the development of solutions in strict accordance with the market situation and business specifics.

If you are reading this, by now you understand the advantages of a UX/UI.

Lets talk and get you started with you’r needed design.