Online catalog

For firms and stores engaged in conservative and specific products, where the price is formed for each customer separately, depending on the contract or the volume of purchases, this form of electronic commerce will be the ideal solution. The online catalog has signs of an online store, but does not display prices and the purchase is indicated after a call or other channel of communication with the seller.


What it is

An online catalog is a tool for doing business online, with which you can sell and promote anything you like, and most importantly, it is easy to do.

Why do you need this

The first is to familiarize the users of the catalog with the goods you are selling. The company can sell both physical and electronic products in any form, size, and quantity, offering variations of products, composite configurations, instant downloads. The main feature is the lack of prices on the site and the basket. This type of online storefront involves orders via phone/email. This type of site is usually chosen by companies with a B2B model.

  • The client (partner) quickly finds the right product with a detailed description and its graphical representation. The advantage over classic tables is a bundle with options or accessories.
  • More effective online advertising campaigns. The Internet directory itself will attract traffic from search engines, and stimulating demand with a banner or contextual advertising will increase sales compared to directing traffic to a regular business card site that lacks the entire range of store products.

Because of these properties, access to potential customers is shown. The cost of the online catalog is fully justified by the possibilities offered by this tool.

Prospects for business

Developing an Online catalog helps you achieve the following business goals.

  • Increase the visibility of the offline store.
  • Advertising and product promotion.
  • Another sales channel.
  • Collecting contacts, email addresses.
  • information about sales and discounts
  • ect.

This internet marketing tool is suitable for all resellers who solve one or several goals. At the same time, the specifics of the activity and the age of the enterprise does not matter. If you want to promote your own business, you need to develop an online catalog.



An example of an effective catalog is the project of a reseller of equipment for supermarkets and banks. This site displays on its pages information about the distributor, its location, additional services provided after the sale of goods, detailed information about the goods themselves, the ability to download drivers, and actually order by phone.

So, TWOFOLD LTD ordered an online catalog that contains all the current offers of this distributor. The structure of the catalog was simplified as much as possible for customers but remained logical. This is especially important because The range of the store is large with a complex cross-mapping of one product in several categories. Product names in such a directory should contain not only and not so much a model, but its purpose.

Stages of development

Creating a landing page is a multi-level process that requires careful preparation. Our digital agency performs the following steps during the project implementation.

Analysis of competitors

Based on the study of similar companies, we can create better solutions that will bring maximum benefit to your business


It is necessary for the client to be able to assess how the future lending will look and work. At this stage, the structure, location of the interactive buttons and many other details are discussed.

Design development

Our digital agency creates a unique layout from scratch, drawing attention to the industry and the terms of reference.


Implement code. After all the details are agreed, we proceed to implement them in the working version.


Before being transferred to the server, the operation of each element of the landing page, the correct display on various devices, is checked. In addition, a focus group is being assembled that assesses the usability (usability) of the created product. Split testing allows you to get the highest quality and effective product.


The final part of the work is the transfer to the server. We will transfer all the materials necessary for working with the website, we will conduct training. If desired, our web studio can take on work to further promote the project.

Based on the specifics of the project, an appropriate programming language is chosen individually, CMS (the engine on which the website will work), and the framework. We have at our disposal a large number of available tools and technologies to create a one-page. Specialists of the company with an equal level of quality work on each of the available options.

Reasons to order from us

To our clients we offer an optimum ratio of cost, quality, and efficiency of realization of projects of various complexity. Our digital agency exists on the market for web development for many years. During this time, we managed to earn the reputation of a reliable partner and a diligent contractor. Numerous examples of works posted on our website will help you assess the level of professionalism of our team.


An additional advantage is an individual approach to each project and the development of solutions in strict accordance with the market situation and business specifics. Leave an application for the creation of an Online Catalog now to get the most detailed consultation and accurate calculation of the cost of the work.

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