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WordPress vs WIX

Since “Colorabi” exist our customers have been asking a logical question. What to better choose CMS WordPress or online WIX platform for their Website?! We think the question should be different “what business problems can these solutions handle”. In this article, we will try in a simple way, to clarify each of the platforms, and to find out who makes sense to use WIX and who needs WordPress.

What is WIX?

WIX is a cloud-based HTML5 website builder that has begun to gain popularity since 2010 and remains the leader of such solutions to this day. The ideology is based on the property for editing WYSIWYG web interfaces (what you see is what you get). In realtime, you can change the look of your page, for example, change or add blocks, image sizes, and fonts.

What about WordPress?

A powerful content management system dating back to 2003 as a simple blogging platform. It is used by about 30% of all sites in the WORLD. This stunning success has been achieved with a low entry threshold for developers and ordinary users. Using WordPress, you can create almost any type of site, it is very easy to scale due to plugins. From the landing page (advertising page) to the forum, from the store to the mobile application. Since we start to talk about functions, let’s return to WIX – his core is landing pages and a portfolio of various creators. If the task is to create a website as inexpensively and quickly as possible, often without attracting additional forces, then it will be easier to work with the designer. Since WIX is a cloud system, applications and templates are already available to you from the box, however, there is no question of any flexibility, you use all these things as they are. It’s difficult to imagine WordPress without a theme or sets of necessary plugins purchased or created specifically for the customer’s needs, some of which are paid or shareware, however, as we wrote above, using the CMS you can develop almost everything that the customer needs and such a UI / UX conceived by interface architects and designers. And here someone may argue that using WIX you can create an online platform – true, but also true that it is suitable only for a small product range. With the help of WooCommerce, WordPress is ready to take on board much more products and expandable functionality, but it will also stumble on its ceiling. Where the product matrix exceeds 1000 positions, you should already pay attention to solutions tailored exclusively for electronic commerce.

About support.

You can call on WIX. They work from Monday to Friday from 5:00 to 17:00. With WordPress (not to be confused with, you will always contact your developer and hosting provider.

In the end

Turning to the conclusions, as you already understood, WIX is an ideal choice for people who decide to independently build a site for themselves or their business with minimal cost and without much knowledge.

CMS WordPress will be needed for customers who want to only update their content on their own, all the rest is done by a web studio or hosting, depending on your arrangements. And since WordPress is so popular, you can easily change the contractor. Plus, when you hit the ceiling of opportunities using WIX, then most likely you will switch to WordPress, only development will be carried out from the very beginning.