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Day: December 28, 2021


PHP & GitHub

Great news for lots of PHP developers. For many years PHP remains the leading web development language. However, bug reports and feature requests are not actively maintained. Because most open-source
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If you’re in the prosses of migrating your app to .NET 6, the changes listed by Andrew Lock are a MUST know. He analyzed in detail the non-obvious changes that
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Protect your website

How malware infiltrates your website and How to protect yourself?

Malware infection continues to be the biggest nuisance a site owner faces. This article explains what malware is, the methods used to inject malware onto a website, and how you
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Woo commerce

How to Boost Your Store with cross-channel Marketing.

By using a cross-marketing strategy, your company can show people ads for products that match their interests and purchase history. By choosing the right products and offers for your customers,
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WPForms User Registration 2.0 Update Announcement.

From this video, you will learn about the most important changes in the new version of the beloved by many developers plug-in for creating Forms. Play Video
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The Most Memorable Words and Sayings of 2021

A funny post from the creators of the chrome extension, which has probably become an industry standard, helping many people write more correctly) READ MORE
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Cyber and you

Cyber and you.

The authors of The Jerusalem Post believe, not without reason, that 2021 has become a record year in the history of cyber attacks in both the global and Israeli markets.
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Matrix. Unreal Engine

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience.

During The Game Awards 2021, Epic Games partnered with Warner Bros and announced The Matrix Awakens – they gave a technical demo that shows the full power of the game
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1.6 Million WordPress Sites Hit With 13.7 Million Attacks In 36 Hours From 16,000 IPs

Decembers massive attack on WordPress.

Experts from Wordfence On December 9, 2021, their team noticed a sharp increase in attacks targeting vulnerabilities that allow attackers to update arbitrary parameters on vulnerable sites. They discovered an
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Adobe Express

Adobe Express

A new app from Adobe has been released! It allows users to quickly and easily create outstanding content from thousands of beautiful templates with the all-new Adobe Creative Cloud Express.
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